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The Reason my Knee Hurts When Sitting Down



There are different causes of  knee pain. You may feel knee pain because of wrong positions. Also bad lifestyle and less activity may lead to knee pain even if you don’t have a medical problem. You have to keep your knees in healthy condition because they carry your body weight. Strong and healthy knees have to make almost 150 degrees of movement. In fact, knee pain can be temporary or chronic which is a sign of a larger health problem. Many people of different ages suffer from knee aches. Are you one of them? If so, keep reading in order to know more about knee problems, the wrong positions, and how to treat it.

The Importance and Function of Knees

Do you know which joint in the body is the largest? It is the knee. There are soft tissues in our knees, they are like pillows for the bones in the joint. Thus, the knee helps to move and carry your body weight. Its function is to link the thigh bone (femur) with the shin bone( tibia). Tendons link the knee bones with the leg muscles which cause movement of the knee joint. Also ligaments connect the knee bones. As a result,  they make your knee stable.

In fact, ligaments help to prevent the femur from sliding backward or forward on the tibia. They help to prevent the tibia from sliding forward or backward on the femur as well. Moreover, the medial ligaments work to protect the femur from sliding side to side. So if you have any problem in your knees, this may hinder the function of these soft tissues from protecting your knees. Let’s discover these problems and causes of knee pain.

My Knee Hurts. Why?

There are several health problems that may affect your knees like:

  • Arthritis: it is the most common chronic illness that affects your knees. Its symptoms are twisting, aching, burning or pain feel like needles.
  • Runner’s knee: it is also known as “jumper’s knee” which affects athletes specifically causing pain at the front of your kneecap. Actually, it occurs because of intense exercising. However, it can happen to you even if you don’t exercise at all. Pain after sitting for a long period of time, knee weakness, and the clicking while moving are symptoms of runner’s knee problem. You have to go to a doctor to diagnose your condition and find the proper treatment.

Sitting Makes Your Knee Hurts.. the Reasons!!

Actually knee pain is connected to:

  • Sitting for a long time.
  • Movement from sitting to standing.
  • Knee discomfort exists as long as you sit.
  • Wrong position of sitting.
  • Uncomfortable furniture or chair which you use.

Many people sit for a long time at office or on a couch while eating, using a laptop or watching TV. According to Harvard Medical School, 6 to 8 hours of sitting a day is a long time which is potentially bad for you. Furthermore, practicing less activities and sitting for long periods of time stiffen your muscle and tendons. Thus, you feel discomfort and your knee hurts. Not only that, but also sitting in a wrong position like crossing your legs or bending them underneath you can press on your kneecaps causing aches. In fact, there are underlying causes of knee ache during sitting, such as arthritis and patellofemoral pain (PFP).

Does your knee hurt because of the furniture? If you sit for a long time on an uncomfortable chair, your knee hurts and you suffer back pain definitely. If your office is not positioned at the proper height and distance, you can sit in a wrong position. Sitting on a chair for long time makes your knees bent which is not healthy.

Mistakes that may Make your knee Hurt!

Simple mistakes may trigger knee pain. There are some unexpected reasons that may worsen your knee pain like wearing uncomfortable shoes. They contributes to increase knee pain because you may lose your balance and press on your knees. As a result, your knees hurt. High heels are bad choice as well. They are not comfortable at all. There are injuries caused by excessive kneeling which called preacher’s knee or housemaid’s knee. When this condition happens, the small sacs of liquid in the knee joint get irritated.

How to Treat Knee Pain?

  • To be active, since the pain occurs due to sitting for a long time. Also you need to make stretch workouts for at least once every single hour.
  • Choosing a proper designed chair to sit in a healthy position.
  • Doing workouts or playing sport in order to protect your muscles, tendons and joints.
  • To choose medical shoes that are good for your knees health.

The bottom line! You can prepare your office to be comfortable and to protect your knees health. Also it is recommended to play sports to strengthen your muscle, joints, and bones. Knee pain is a common problem, since most people work from home or even at office. This problem is not confined to elderly people. Young people also suffer from it.  You have to consult a doctor if your knee hurts.